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Part love story, part wartime thriller, part coming-of-age struggle, the book is a compelling real-life reminder that the human story is not over when the war ends.

"Upon first reading the wartime letters of Katherine and Conrad Netting, I was thunderstruck.  Theirs was a story unlike anything I had ever encountered before ...  His fate adds a poignancy and resonance to the larger account, and the astonishing 'after-story' brings it all to the present day."

                                    --  Andrew Carroll, editor of The New York Times bestselling War Letters, in the foreword of Delayed Legacy

"One of the most moving books I'll ever read...  This is an astonishing story, quite beautifully written.  If Anne Frank allows us to begin to get some human idea of the Holocaust, Conrad John Netting III, his wife and his son allow us some human idea of what was lost, and what may yet be found, when a generation of Depression-era young men, who were forced to grow up far too quickly, went to war, so many never to return.  A singularly lovely and loving book." 


     --  Nick Murray, author