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Delayed Legacy:

 This is the home page for a story that has changed our lives and, we hope, touches yours.  You can visit here for the latest information about the book and a schedule of upcoming presentations by author Conrad John Netting IV.  You can also subscribe to our e-mail list to receive periodic updates and information on the book.  

About the Book:

Future Events:

Delayed Legacy is the true story of the author's father, a World War II pilot, and the French town where he died just after D-Day. Conrad, born six weeks later, discovered in 1994 a footlocker sealed for fifty years containing his father's wartime medals, uniforms, flight log, and personal effects.  Conrad tells how his research led him to a wingman, to England and France, and, in 2002, to a French family in Normandy who told him the rest of his father's story.

Conrad John Netting V in the original uniform of Conrad John Netting III


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